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Themes Designed with Standards in Mind

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Lesson planning is the area you spend the most time on (second only to interacting with your preschoolers)! 

I created Preschool Cubby to help you save countless hours of planning each week.

How? By creating themes designed with common preschool standards in mind--to be delivered directly to your inbox each month! 


Preschool Cubby gives you everything you need to provide engaging and effective lesson plans: 

Save Your Sundays

You'll receive a new pack of four done-for-you themes every month — saving you countless hours of planning time each week.

Teach with Confidence

Know exactly which skills your preschoolers are developing with each activity with my Preschool Plan It Standards.

Be Ahead of the Game

The daily planning forms contain a list of the materials you’ll need to gather for each day so you can plan ahead!

Built-in Standards

Every activity is aligned to my newly developed Preschool Standards; created from a mix of commonly accepted frameworks in the field.

Stay Organized

Each theme you'll receive is broken down into completed weekly AND daily planning forms to keep you on top of your game - and they are 100% editable by you!

Incredibly Easy

Each theme is automatically emailed to your inbox. Simply download, print, laminate and teach — it's that easy!

Here's What's Included in the Program:

Each month you'll receive FOUR full weekly themes:

  • Organized into editable weekly and daily lesson planning forms
  • Aligned to my newly developed Preschool Standards
  • Complete with all the printable activities that you know and love!

Preschool Standards

Each and every activity is aligned to developmentally appropriate preschool standards. Below is a preview of the Standards page. I realize the print is small but don't worry! You'll receive this as a full page download as a subsciber to Preschool Cubby!

Know That You Are Providing Your Preschoolers with the Skills They Truly Need

My standards were developed based on my study and research of commonly accepted and acknowledged frameworks, standards and preschool outcomes (including many individual state frameworks, Head Start, ELYF, DRDP and my own established preschool standards). 

The result: Preschool Plan It Standards, shown above, that include 45 child outcomes!

These standards will help you know which age-appropriate skills you are helping your preschoolers develop with each activity, while providing a guide to help you determine which of YOUR required standards you are meeting.

Easily Aligned To Your Own Required Standards and Frameworks 

My Preschool Plan It Standards conversion chart (shown above) lists out my 45 child outcomes on the left. The columns to the right are editable--simply enter your own state or country equivalent standard in each space and save it!

Now, just refer to your saved conversion chart for easy reference for each theme!

4 Full Themes Each Month

On the 1st of each month, you will receive a packet of 4 full weekly themes.

Here's the 2016-2017 & 2017-2018 Theme Delivery Schedule:


(Suggested for September planning)

All About Me

Back To School


Fruits & Vegetables


 There will be 52 NEW themes created throughout the school year with you having access to 4 each month:

Some of those themes include:

Ice Crea, Rocks, Snow Space

Birthday Theme, Castles

and so many more!

A Completed Weekly Planning Form

You will receive a weekly planning form with all the activities listed. This is a “week at a glance” form which lists the activity names organized by day and the standards each activity meets, below it!

As in the example below, the numbers and letters below are the references to my Preschool Plan It Standard that the activity is aligned to. 

Plus, the entire planning form is 100% EDITABLE! This means you can cut, paste and move the activites to anywhere on the form! Or, delete an activity and type in your own to correspond with your own class or program events!

Save hours each week.

Each theme includes developmentally appropriate, hands-on activities for ALL of the classroom’s Interest Learning Centers .

Provides “proof of preschool learning” to administrators, parents and “powers that be”. 

We all know how important this is :) ("My child only plays in the block area all day.") 

Each activity is aligned to Preschool Plan It’s Standards and the standard letter and number is listed on the weekly planning form under each activity.  

This makes it super easy for you to demonstrate the specific skills each activity is teaching. 

("In the block center, your child is developing his eye-hand coordination, learning to sort materials by different attributes and inferring and predicting outcomes as he creates different sized structures.")

Completed Daily Planning Forms

Each day is then broken down into a daily planning form which lists the supplies needed and detailed instructions on how to carry out each activity and, like the weekly planning form, the daily planning forms are also 100% editable!

Cut down on prep time.

As in the example above, each daily planning form contains a list of the materials and supplies you’ll need to gather for the day. No more last minute list of items to gather for the week or the day. Just gather the materials listed on each day’s planning form and you are ready to teach!

No more preparing substitute teacher packets (less guilt on your day off!)

Any substitute, assistant teacher or aide can look at the daily planning forms and know how to carry out each activity. 

So here's what you'll receive!

4 Themes Each Month: 

  • Each theme aligned to my newly developed Preschool Standards
  • Each theme organized into weekly and daily lesson planning forms
  • Weekly and daily lesson planning forms 100% editable by you 
  • Themed calendar pieces
  • File folder game
  • Playdough recipe
  • Activity mat
  • Song poster
  • Song card

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I get to choose my themes each month? 

A: Each of my themes are chosen and specifically planned to fit your needs throughout the school year. At this time themes are preselected and sent on the 1st of each month. 

Q: Which themes will I receive each month?

A: The schedule of themes to be sent to you each month throughout the 2016-2017 School Year are listed above in the Sample section!

Q: Can you mail these themes to my home or school?

A: The themes packets are not, at this time, available in print format. They are in digital format only and will be emailed to you on the 1st of each month for you to download. They're designed to be easily printed.

Q: How do I download the themes to my computer?

A: Once you complete your purchase, you will be given the link to the themes page where you can download each theme and the standards to your computer. Simply click the "Download Theme" button to open the theme then click "File" then "Save As" and save the theme to your computer! 

They are all in PDF format so be sure you have the most current version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer (Adobe Reader is FREE!).

Q: Can I download the packets to my mobile device?

A: I recommend downloading them to your computer first and then sending them to your mobile device. Not all mobile devices download PDFs well.

Q: Do your standards meet my state or country's required standards and frameworks?

A: The standards are not yet aligned to any one specific state or country's preschool standards. They were, however, developed based on my research and study of many of the commonly accepted standards used with the most common domains and child outcomes applied.

My Preschool Plan Its Standards include a conversion chart with a section for you to list your own state or country's equivalent standard, allowing you to use the conversion chart as a reference sheet when using themes from Preschool Cubby.

Q: What if I don't like the program after I sign up?

A: Don't worry about spending the money and then changing your mind. I know all about tight budgets, and I want to be sure you spend every dime wisely. 

So, if you are not completely happy with the time you save using the themes from Preschool Cubby, just request to cancel your subscription anytime!

If you request to cancel within 30 days of signing up, I will refund your payment.

No Questions Asked...It's my 100% Money Back Guarantee to you!

Q: What will the renewal price be for the monthly and the 12-month plan?

A: It will be exactly the same as it is here! This is "for life" pricing for you and will not go up at any renewal! Of course, if you cancel your subscription and then sign-up again at a later date, you would then be charged at the current subscription rate at that time.

Q: WHY is there an annual renewal fee--Will there be different themes each year?

A: YES! Indeed there will be new themes for each school year for years to come!

"I am loving Preschool Cubby! The list of needed materials is awesome! It saves me so much time and my co-teacher agrees. Thanks for the information on how to use the plan schedule. If my little ones are interested in a theme, I like to keep it going for a week or more!"

Janet M.

Early Childhood Teacher, Massachusetts

"This is by far my favorite site to use when planning. There is no other place that I would rather use to plan my lessons!"

Lisa Gattone, Director

Early Childhood Educators of Pennsylvania Childcare

"Your themes and the weekly/monthly plans are an enormous resource. There is so much to pick and choose from! 

Also, the standards sheet is a super help for working out aims/targets. There are no real fixed standards here that every institution has to adhere to, it is only a guide, so thanks again for all your hard work!"

Ruth H., Teacher


Choose the plan that's best for you! 

Not sure which to choose? In each plan you'll receive the same awesome program each month, but the 12-month plan means you're all set for a year so you don't have to worry about renewing during the school year! You can just do what you do best - teach your preschoolers - and know that this program will be delivered each and every month!

(All prices listed in USD)


With Recurring Monthly Payment
  • Four unique and timely themes each month
  • Immediate download access, ready to print
  • Each theme pack includes six printable activities
  • Each theme is aligned to my newly developed Preschool Standards
  • My Preschool Standards conversion chart
  • Each theme organized into weekly and daily lesson planning forms
  • Planning forms are 100% editable for you
  • Cancel anytime you like: No long-term commitment

12 MONTH PLAN$12.00/m

(20% Off - Best Value!)

With Annual Payment of $144
  • All of the same features of the monthly program, AND the LOWEST price possible!








"Talk about excited! The best part is the chart you provide for us to put in our own standards. I am in love that I can give simple directives to my assistant teachers. Thank you!"

Cheryl N., Owner, Muskegon, MI