Save Time Teaching Preschool Math

20 Games To Make Now and Use For Years To Come!

Before preschoolers even begin counting, they already have a basic understanding of one-to-one correspondence, spatial awareness, matching and of labeling items as they sort and classify by different attributes. They learn these skills informally in environments that allow them to explore, investigate and manipulate materials and ideas.

As a teacher, you know that preschool math is important to plan for. But the big questions are:

  • HOW do you plan for it while providing activities that are developmentally appropriate for the varying skill levels of the children in your group?
  • HOW do you plan activities that are hands-on and child-directed?
  • HOW do you even find the time to put together these types of activities?

I have just the resource for you!

Done for You hands-on and child-directed math activities are here!

 I have created a 165 page Preschool Math e-book with printable activities and games you can use now!

What you’ll find in this e-book:

This e-book provides you with 20 math activities that support your preschoolers' math process skill development skills.

There are 17 printable activities and instructions for 3 activities you can make using items in your classroom!

Best of all, they will work on these skills in hands-on ways throughout your classroom.

Printable Games

Dice Games

Activity Mats

Printable Games and the skills they support: 

  • Number Memory Game (number recognition) 
  • Piggy Banks (one-to-one correspondence) 
  • Color and Shape Bingo (color identification, shape identification and recognition) 
  • Where Do I Belong: Farm, Ocean and Jungle Animals(classification, compare, sort and order by attributes) 
  •  Sink or Float (classification, compare, sort by attribute; making predictions and inferences) 
  • The Counting Tree (number recognition, rote and rational counting) 
  • Dough Numbers (number recognition and rote & rational counting to 30) 
  • The Missing Number (number recognition, ordinal and positional math language) 
  • Little Mouse Shape House (color identification, ordinal and positional language) 
  • In On or Under? (spatial awareness) 
  • Match the Whole (shape recognition/identification; parts and wholes; measurement) 
  • Teddy Bear Time (comparing, sorting by attributes, measurement) 
  • The Eyes Have It! (graphing, counting, color identification) 
  • Potato Head Math 1: Color Identification
  • Potato Head Math 2: Counting
  • Potato Head Math 3: Sets and classifying
  • Potato Head Math 4: Number recognition

Activities to create with items from your classroom and the skills they support 

  • Picture This! (ordering, seriation) 
  • My Own Ruler (standard and non-standard measurement) 
  • Beads and Lace (identifying, predicting, creating and extending patterns) 

Print. Laminate. Use.

Make Them Now - Use Them for Years to Come!

Print these 20 activities today! Laminate and put them together. When you want to provide a math activity that supports a specific skill, you'll have them ready - at your fingertips - to place into your classroom for immediate use by your preschoolers!

You'll receive the 20 activities AND 6 pages of information from me on how to teach preschool math.

Get your Preschool Math E-Book today for $9.50 (USD) - that's under .48 per activity that you can reuse for years!

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